About N.I.S.

About N.I.S. (IMGA Regional Division Russia)

The International Medical Geology Association (IMGA) was established in 2005 after decisions at the XXXII session of the International Geological Congress. The IMGA Regional Division of Russia-N.I.S. was established in March 2006 at the annual meeting from the Russian Geological Society Medical Geology Division (MGD ROSGEO). The founding of the IMGA Regional Division of Russia-N.I.S. (IMGA RD Russia-N.I.S.) was organized through cooperation between the MGD ROSGEO and the IMGA council. Since 2005, MGD ROSGEO has maintained an organization to promote contact between the IMGA and the N.I.S. medical geology communities.
IMGA RD RUSSIA – N.I.S. is a voluntary association of scientists – geologists, geochemists, mineralogists, geophysicists, physicians, chemists, biologists, microbiologists, medical scientists and others who study the effects on human health of geological processes, materials (minerals, ores, volcanic emissions, atmospheric dust, water and soils) and other natural effects. The purpose of IMGA RD RUSSIA – N.I.S. to bring together specialists, scientists and practitioners working in different areas of knowledge, to unite their efforts, and encourage collaboration on this rapidly developing field of the science. The main purpose of IMGA RD RUSSIA – N.I.S. activities is to support the studies in the field of medical geology in the territory of the Russian Federation and Newly Independent States.
Scientists from N.I.S. are occupied in many fields of medical geology. Some results of these studies have been introduced to the Internet users on the IMGA website (http://www.medicalgeology.org – IMGA Russia – N.I.S. Division), to the IMGA Medical Geology Newsletter and to a new book “Medical Geology. A Regional Synthesis” covering all aspects on medical geology in the regions of the world (printed by Springer in 2010). The authors of Springer book are members of IMGA. The 2-d book on Medical Geology where Russian geoscientists are widely represented is Florinsky I.V. (Ed) Man and the Geosphere. It is printed by Nova Science Publishers, Hauppauge, NY, in 2010.
Currently, the most important areas of the study in the field of Medical Geology in Russia – N.I.S. are:
- Geological and geochemical aspects of medical geology
- Mechanisms and scale of contemporary ore-forming processes and element concentrations as a base for the modeling and mapping of the spreading of endemic diseases.
- The study of toxic elements such as uranium, fluoride, arsenic, as well as radon, etc., in subsurface geospheres, and the atmosphere, and the effect on human health.
- Urban and mining medical geology.
- Medical radiogeology.
- Bio-inert interactions. Crystal chemistry and crystal genesis of biogenic minerals of different origin, including pathogenic mineral formation in human organism.
- The therapeutic usage of the minerals in terms of biological functions in medicine and industry, and economic minerals in medicine.