Maria Aurora Armienta

Dr. Armienta is a professor at the Geophysics Institute, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México in Mexico City. She has a Bachelor on Engineering Chemistry, M. Sc. on Analytical Chemistry and PhD on Groundwater. Her research focus on environmental geochemistry, hydrogeochemistry, medical geology and geochemical processes related to volcanic activity. She has studied contamination processes by nitrates, metals and arsenic in groundwater, rivers and soils in various zones of Mexico. Results of her studies have been used by the authorities to develop solutions to those problems. She has published more than 70 international peer-reviewed articles, 28 book chapters, and has co-edited 2 books. From 1998 to 2000 was the President of the Mexican Geochemistry Association. She was awarded Juana Ramírez de Asbaje in recognition of her commitment to University duties. Dr. Armienta was the Mexican coordinator of the Iberoarsen international network “El arsénico en Iberoamérica. Distribución, Metodologías Analíticas y Tecnologías de Remoción”. Currently, she pertains to the prestigious Mexican Academy of Sciences.