Yanxin Wang

Dr. Yanxin Wang has been Professor of Hydrogeology and Environmental Science at China University of Geosciences for more than 20 years. Prof. Wang and his group have made great efforts in studying mechanisms of groundwater contamination and cost-effective technologies of site remediation, to provide theoretical and technological support for safe supply of drinking water. To better understand the processes and factors controlling mobilization/immobilization of geogenic As, F and I in aquifers, they have successfully integrated inter-disciplinary approaches such as those of hydrogeochemistry, groundwater hydraulics, isotope geochemistry, and geomicrobiology. Their case study areas include Datong and North China basin of Haihe River and Hetao basin of Yellow River in northern China, and Jianghan basin of Yangtze River in southern China. Prof. Wang has published more than 100 papers as first or corresponding author in peer-reviewed international journals related to hydrogeological studies. He was a co-chair of IMGA China-Ireland Concord.