Kim Dowling

Kim Dowling is a senior academic in the Faculty of Science and Technology at Federation University Australia and also holds an adjunct position at the University of Tasmania, Australia. She has been an active researcher for over 30 years, and her current interest is in the identification, characterization, and remediation of contaminated sites, with an emphasis on historical mining environments. She earned her PhD from James Cook University by developing a new and innovative method for assessment of gold deposits and also holds a Graduate Diploma in Environmental Management from Deakin University. She has extensive experience working in both the mining industry and the tertiary education sector, and actively contributes to both local and international discussions on environmental health and the emerging multidisciplinary field of medical geology.

Summary of previous experience

Kim was recently appointed as Chair of Academic Board at Federation University Australia (FedUni). Previously she was the inaugural Dean of Health Sciences, and before that Head of School of Science and Engineering. Along with her continuing research, Kim has an active interest in inclusive practice and good governance, and has served on every standing Committee of Academic Board at FedUni.

Kim completed her BSc (Hons) in geology at the UNSW, and worked in the WA mining industry before completing a PhD at James Cook University addressing exploration techniques for gold mineralisation.

Subsequently Kim worked in Papua New Guinea in some of the most amazing landscapes and cultural environments on the planet. She returned to Australia to undertake research at the University of Melbourne and University of Adelaide relating to meteorite impacts and geochemistry. During this time she developed a greater interest in environmental matters and completed a Graduate Diploma in Environmental Management at Deakin University.

Particular areas of expertise / interest

At FedUni Kim enjoys pursuing a better environment with the arsenic research group. Her research interests have extended to include public health and the meaningful dissemination of environmental information. She is one of the founding members of the International Medical Geology Association, at whose conferences she presents regularly.