Cássio Roberto da Silva

Cássio Roberto da Silva, Geologist MSc has been with the Geological Survey of Brazil since 1978. His professional experience includes the execution and management of projects in geological mapping, mineral prospecting and environmental geology. He is the editor of Medical Geology in Brazil and Coordinator of the Environmental Geochemistry and Medical Geology National Program and website (www.cprm.gov.br/geologiamedica) for the Geological Survey of Brazil – CPRM. He is a founding member of International Medical Geology Association (IMGA). Mr. da Silva collaborated on the 1st Short Course (2003) in Brazil and on the 2nd Hemispheric Conference (2007) and was the Coordinator of the 2nd Short Course on Medical Geology in Brazil (2005). He is also the Coordinator of the South American Division of the IMGA. Mr. da Silva is recognized for his many scientific and organizational contributions to Medical Geology and for being a key contributor to the successful growth of Medical Geology in Brazil.